Our company was Founded in 1985 ..

In spite of the few items that were covered at the beginning of its inception and the intensity of competition, which was facing but it was able to develop their production significantly, thanks to God Almighty to become a known name and is brilliant in the field of manufacturing and links hoses did not know all the Egyptian market, but a known Arab markets through our products that have spread there as they aspire to reach our products to all countries of the world, this name is the result of years of vigorous and sustained effort in order to raise the name of our industry and national levels. The development of production not only in increasing the number of items which are manufactured, but they also seek to increase the accuracy and quality of its products while achieving the best prices. Interested in the company and specializes in manufacturing all types of connections and the heads of hoses (hydraulic, air, diesel and air conditioners) world-class in terms of accuracy, quality and customer service in order to ensure the company is shipping goods to all the sisterly Arab and friendly foreign



»Miniral oil hoses


» Chemicals hoses l


»Hydraulic hoses
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